Feel Safe with Food LIVE Masterclass

Discover the drivers of binge eating, emotional eating, chronic dieting, and body dissatisfaction from a trauma-informed perspective & count memories, not calories.

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    Sarah Berneche,

    RHN, CIEC, SE Student (Intermediate)

    Who am I?

    As someone who spent 15+ years struggling with disordered eating, over-exercise, and negative body image, I have the lived experience to know what it takes to stop the restrict-binge cycle for good — and the nutrition and trauma training, supervision, and expertise to back it up.

    I learned the hard way what most programs leave out or get flat-out wrong about our relationship to food and our bodies.

    What will you learn?

    • Access my 3-part roadmap for quieting the never-ending food noise, feeling more comfortable in your body, and breaking up with those "diet starts Monday" commitments...permanently.
    • Uncover the roots of binge eating, emotional eating, and chronic dieting cycles — and the top misconceptions keeping you stuck on the hamster wheel.

    • Meet the 4 "horsemen" of the disordered eating apocalypse and how they're holding you back from experiencing balanced, shame-free eating.

    • Learn what conventional approaches, including Intuitive Eating, miss (and get wrong) when it comes to feeling safe with food and in your body

    • And most importantly: leave the class knowing you (and your body) are not broken.